After more than 3 years of testing, we are proud to offer the highest quality products for the treatment of hides and skins.  There have been many advances in the performance of the products. We strive to use the best and safest raw materials available.  

All of our products are developed to be compatible with each other unless otherwise noted and are thoroughly tested before they are available to the consumer.

We try to make the directions easy and simple to follow, leaving less chance for error, thus increasing productivity for our customers.

We strive to maintain uniformity and consistency in the making of our products, using the very best raw materials, quality control, and latest technology. Occasionally, a customer may notice a variance in color of a product from one order to another. This is due to the organic raw materials which may vary from batch to batch, or the difference in temperatures during the manufacturing process which may vary depending on the time of year. We use antioxidants in our oils to insure a long shelf life.