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"I wanted to let you know there is a lot of happy taxidermists and fur buyers the last couple years I’ve tanned for that are all saying the same things about the final product from your tan and other products. They say it just feels clean when when they go to mount it, zero grease in the bears and furs, their needle slips right through the skin without any issues of stitches popping through, the fur and hair is shiny, soft, and smells good(hair gloss/conditioner). I’m sure you’ve heard all that plus more since you’ve released the products but those are just a few things I’m hearing on a regular basis. Here’s a few furs going out to a trapper today after I finish grooming them."
                                                      - Josh at High Mountain Tannery


We offer a full line of bulk products specifically developed for the commercial hair-on tannery and fur dressing industry. 

Our product line includes:

Tanning Agents

Choose a highly active powder tan that works as a pickle and tan in one.


Detergents & Degreasers

We offer detergents that can be used in the rehydration, pickle and/or tanning baths.  Or, a highly active solvent based degreaser for greasy hides/skins.



Unique fatliquors that aid in the overall softness of the skin and make shaving easier.


Swabbing Oils

We offer a wide range of swabbing oils from light to heavy.  Our oils will form a bond with the leather preventing them from washing out, but allowing the hides and skins to be easily rehydrated - making it ideal for taxidermy tanning.


Specialty Products

These include Hide Relaxer, Bates, Fur Bleach, Deodorizers, Hair Gloss, Drumming Oils, etc. 


Each product is developed to be compatible with each other unless otherwise noted.

Our tannery products are available in larger volumes to qualified fur dressers and tanneries and are sold by the pound. The products are available in 5 gallon containers and 55 gallon drums.


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