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Advanced Tanning Solutions

Swab Oil Medium

Swab Oil Medium

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This medium weight swabbing oil is a blend of natural and synthetic oils and polymers, with an added antioxidant.  It is used after tanning with Pickle Tan A-21.

A medium weight swabbing oil that produces a soft, supple, and stretchy leather.  It permanently fixes to the leather preventing it from washing out and the oil from migrating.  It allows the hide or skin to be easily rehydrated making it a superb oil for taxidermy tanning.

The antioxidants are added to prevent oxidation and provide an excellent shelf life.  There are no foul odors.

Swab Oil MD leaves a nice non-oily feel to the leather. It is recommended for use on deer, antelope mountain lion and other like hides and skins.

See full directions and recommended use below.

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