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Advanced Tanning Solutions

Tan-a-Fur Skin

Tan-a-Fur Skin

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Tan-a-Fur Skin is an all-inclusive deluxe tanning kit specifically designed for tanning fur and thin-skinned mammals such as squirrel, rabbit, fox, coyote, raccoon, beaver and other like animals. It contains a full set of Dale’s newly formulated products to produce a top-notch fur skin with special finishing tips and touches. The kit will tan a life size mountain lion, small bear, or several small to medium fur skins.

The kit includes:

  •    Fleshing/Shaving Tool
  •    Degreaser
  •    Pickle Tan
  •    Fur Oil
  •    Softening Stone
  •    Silk Powder
  •    Dust Mask
  •    Non-Latex Disposable Gloves (2)

You will get a commercial tan that will provide a soft, supple, stretchy leather. These products are used by professional tanneries and simplified for the beginner or experienced tanner.  Read full directions here.

See our Tan-a-Hide kit for tanning large mammals such as deer, antelope, elk and moose.

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