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Advanced Tanning Solutions



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Tan-a-Buckskin is an all-inclusive deluxe tanning kit specifically designed for tanning buckskin, hair-off leather from your deer, elk, bison, or cow hides.  It contains a full set of products and tools to tan from start to finish.

The tan and oil products included are the same ones used by commercial tanneries to produce a high quality buckskin leather.  This Tan-a-Buckskin kit will tan approximately 5-6 medium size deer buckskin or 2-3 large elk, bison or cow buckskin hides.

The kit includes:

  •    Fleshing/Shaving Tool
  •    Hide Hair Removal
  •    Pickle Tan A-21
  •    Buckskin Oil
  •    Softening Stone
  •    Water Repellent
  •    Dust Mask
  •    Non-Latex Disposable Gloves

You will get a commercial tan that will provide a soft, supple, stretchy leather. These products are used by professional tanneries and simplified for the beginner or experienced tanner.   The buckskin leather will have great stitch holding ability making it ideal for creating leather crafts and buckskin clothing, mittens, garments, etc.

Tan-a-Buckskin Directions [download pdf]

See our Tan-a-Fur kit for tanning hair on smaller fur-bearing mammals such as squirrel, rabbit, fox, coyote, raccoon, and other like animals.

Use Tan-a-Hide kit for tanning large hair on mammals such as deer, antelope, elk, and moose.

For tanning birds, fish or snakeskins, see our Bird & Fish Tan and Tan-a-Snake products.

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