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Advanced Tanning Solutions



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Another new product! This unique, easy-to-use, snake tan system will produce a true tanned leather.  Unlike conventional glycerine methods which require more time and do not actually tan the skin, Tan-a-Snake will leave the snakeskin clean, bright, soft and stretchy.  It will dry flat, so no pinning or stapling is necessary!

Tan-a-Snake is a balanced, self-fixing snake tan that does not require pickling.  It is pre-adjusted for proper pH and formulated to work in a wide pH range.

The kit will tan up to a 12 foot snake or multiple smaller snakes.  It includes:

- Snake Tanning Agent
- Snake Oil
- Snakeskin Fleshing Tools (large and small)
- Non-latex rubber gloves.

See our further explanation regarding the comparisons of the Glycerin/Alcohol method vs. using Tan-a-Snake.
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