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Advanced Tanning Solutions



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Developed by the innovator of the original liquid at-home tanning agent, NuTan is a new state-of-the-art product.  

This is the same formula used by taxidermists and our tanneries, and the directions are simplified for use by the first time or beginner tanner.

NuTan will product a soft, white skin with good stretch.  Once dried in the skin, NuTan will not wash out.

NuTan is formulated differently from any other tanning agent on the market.  It is made from the highest quality raw materials available. We react our own polymers to give NuTan it’s own unique quality.

How much NuTan do I need?  See the chart.

Click here for full NuTan directions and the NuTan brochure for additional tips and tricks on tanning your hides and fur skins.

Also see the full how-to video on tanning a MULE DEER with NuTan.

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