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Advanced Tanning Solutions

Pickle Tan A-21

Pickle Tan A-21

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A totally NEW concept!  Pickle-Tan A-21 is a powder tan that pickles and tans all in one. Developed specifically to prevent acid rot.  It will speed the tanning process by combining the pickle and tanning baths to save time and money. Has minimal shrinkage and will make shaving smoother and easier compared to acid pickles.

  • Provides excellent stretch and softness compared to other tans
  • Great hair setting ability
  • Excellent stitch holding ability
  • Eliminates hair curling that can happen with other strong pickling acids
  • No more working with dangerous acids
  • Can be used on small game skins to larger, thicker hides such as moose and bison
  • Will not cake or harden and Pickle-Tan A-21 dissolves easily with hot water
  • Fast penetration

Follow up with the appropriate swab oil based on the type of hide or skin being tanned. 

Use Hide Oil for larger mammals like deer, antelope, elk, moose, bison/buffalo, and like animals. Fur Oil for smaller, thin skinned fur bearers such as rabbit, fox, coyote, raccoon, beaver, etc.

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